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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Gospel Book
Germany, Saxony, ca. 1210-1220
MS M.565 book box

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Christ, crossed decorated nimbus, seated on bench, holds book in left hand, and raises His right hand in blessing.
Border medallions, clockwise from top left:
1) Christ, nimbed, seated on bench, holds open book in left hand, and raises His right hand in blessing.
2) Christ: Crucifixion -- Christ, nimbed, head inclined, in long loin cloth, is affixed with four nails to cross with suppedaneum and titulus inscribed IC. He is flanked by Virgin Mary, possibly veiled, and Evangelist John, holding book in his left hand; both are nimbed.
Above transverse arm of cross are half figures of two angels.
3) Christ: Resurrection -- Christ, nimbed, wounds in hands, foot and side, right hand raised in blessing, His left hand holding bannered cross-staff, steps from tomb. In foreground, two ? soldiers, in armor, lie sleeping on ground. Tomb is flanked by two standing figures, possibly soldiers.
4) Apostle Peter, nimbed, seated on bench, holds scroll in right hand and key in his left hand.
5) Virgin Mary and Christ Child -- Virgin Mary, nimbed, veiled, seated on bench with footstool, holds object in right hand, and with her left hand supports Christ Child, cross-nimbed, standing on her left knee.
6) Christ: Nativity -- Virgin Mary, head on pillow, reclines on bed beside Christ Child lying in crib before ox and ass; at right, Joseph, seated, leans on staff. All beneath architectural frame from which lamp is suspended.
7) Virgin Mary: Annunciation -- Gabriel extends right hand toward Virgin Mary, seated on bench or standing before it, and holding object, possibly spindle, in her left hand; both are nimbed.
8) Nimbed apostle, possibly Paul, head draped, seated on bench, holds scroll in his left hand.

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