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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Decretals of Pope Gregory IX with the glossa ordinaria single leaves
Italy, Bologna, 1330-1335
MS M.716.1r

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1) At center of room, Pope Gregory IX, wearing papal tiara, seated on draped architectural throne, left hand holding open book, extends right hand in pointing gesture. To Gregory's right (viewer's left) are 13 male figures (mostly standing), including cleric with open book raised toward Gregory, monk in white robes (Cistercian?), man with closed book, man reading open book, and three soldiers with shields. To Gregory's left (viewer's right) are 12 seated figures: four cardinals, two bishops, four clerics (one reading open book), and two soldiers (one with sword). Below Gregory's throne are three scribes working at writing desks. Behind all these figures, two angels, nimbed, wearing stephane, look toward Gregory. They are flanked by four cherubs supporting architecture.
Miniature within gold frame, above text of Prologue to Gregory IX's Decretals.
2) Scene, Ecclesiastic Instruction -- Monk sits behind lectern with open book and faces man standing before two desks with open books and six men, including two clerics.
Scene in initial C against patterned background, at start of Prologue to Gregory IX's Decretals.
3) Virgin Mary and Christ Child -- Half figure of Virgin Mary, nimbed, veiled, holds Christ child, nimbed, both within initial R. In left margin decorated with tree, monk, right hand raised, kneels in prayer before the Virgin and Child.
4) In margins around main text, decorative landscape with headless man acting as supporting figure for miniature, man putting hands and feet in running water, man attempting to spear (?) bear, bull, deer, and lion.
5) Nude man grasps tree. Decorated initial G against gold background, at start of gloss.
6) Man uses vessel to catch water pouring down from marginal landscape. Figure in decorated initial R, in gloss.

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