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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi
France, Picardy, late 13th century
MS M.367 recto

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On recto of roll, genealogical diagram illustrated with six medallions containing the following scenes:
1) Adam and Eve: Fall of Man -- Within architectural setting, Adam, biting apple held in right hand, and Eve, both nude, flank tree. Eve grasps apple from mouth of serpent entwined around tree and strokes serpent's body with left hand.
2) Noah: Building of Ark -- Noah, raising axe held in both hands, stands within ark beside tree.
3) Abraham: sacrificing Isaac -- Abraham, raising sword held in right hand, places left hand on head of Isaac, kneeling on draped altar beside tree. Abraham turns head toward angel, holding sword with right hand and pointing with left hand to ram in thicket.
4) David: as Musician -- David, crowned, seated on bench flanked by two trees, plays harp.
5) Zedikiah, crowned, seated on bench beside tree, holds scepter in right hand and raises left hand to breast. He is identified by medallion (forming link in genealogical diagram) inscribed SEDECHIAS.XI.
6) Christ: Nativity -- Virgin Mary, reclining in draped bed, supports head with right hand and indicates with left hand Christ Child, cross-nimbed, swaddled, within crib behind which are heads of ox and ass. Joseph, wearing pointed cap, seated at end of bed, supports head with right hand. Scene identified by medallion inscribed IHC XPC NATUS.
Following Peter of Poitier's Genealogia are the following diagrams:
1) Diagram in form of three arches illustrating Numbers 38, the 42 encampments of the Israelites.
2) Wheel diagram of the Tabernacle and dwellings of the Israelite tribes.
3) Wheel diagram of the plan of Solomon's temple at Jerusalem (with later additions).
4) Wheel diagram of the heavenly hierarchy in relation to Lucifer.
5) Wheel diagram of the itinerary of Jesus from Bethlehem to Calvary.
6) Wheel diagram inscribed FORTE ANIMA LATONIS FUIT IN SINU HABRAHEE CUM ANIMA XPI ET CUM EO EST EGRESSA MINIMUM showing relationship between Lucifer, in central roundel, and ancestors of Christ, including John Baptist, names inscribed in outer roundels.

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