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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Vita Christi (Life of Christ)
Belgium, Bruges, ca. 1440
MS M.649 fol. 6r

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Zone 1:
1) Christ: Resurrection -- Christ, crossed nimbus, steps out of tomb, raising right hand, holding bannered cross staff in left hand. Wounds are visible on hands, side and foot. Angel, rays as nimbus, wearing stole crossed at breast, stands behind sarcophagus, holding end of lid. At left, soldier, head resting on right hand, holding saber in left hand, reclines on ground. At right are two soldiers wearing armor and helmets, one holding spear.
2) Jonah: cast up -- Jonah, name inscribed JONAS on scroll, emerges from mouth of whale near land. City is in background.
Zone 2:
1) Christ: harrowing of Hell -- Below arc of Heaven emitting rays, Christ, cross nimbed, stands before hell-mouth holding cross staff with cross inscribed banner in right hand, His left hand grasping left hand of Adam, foremost of group standing amid flames in hell mouth. Devil behind hell mouth watches, holding possibly part of door or gate.
2) Lot: Departure from Sodom -- Before burning city of Sodom, name inscribed SODOMA, are Lot, name inscribed LOT on scroll, flanked by his wife, turning back to look at Sodom, and by another woman and child. Emerging from behind hill are three angels, nimbed.

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