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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Antiquitates Judaicae
France, Dijon, late 13th century
MS M.533 fol. 140r

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Initial Q enclosing:
1) Antiquitates Judaicae: Scene, Feast -- In upper left register, man wearing green garment, is flanked by four other men behind draped table on which are pitchers, loaves, fish in bowls, knives. Four men stand in background.
2) Antiquitates Judaicae: Scene, unidentified -- In upper right register, man wearing green garment stands at right, extending raised hands to foremost of eight men, raising his hands.
3) Maccabees: Embassy of Alexander Balas -- In lower left register, Alexander Balas, crowned, holding raised sword with right hand, raising left hand, is seated on bench, looking toward messenger, raising right hand, holding spear with left hand, wearing striped tunic and purse at waist.
4) Jonathan Apphus: honored by Alexander Balas -- In lower right register, messenger, wearing striped tunic and purse at waist, holding spear with right hand, raises left hand, touching index finger to that on right hand of Jonathan as High Priest, wearing miter, raising left hand. Four other men stand behind Jonathan.
Beginning of Book 13 Chapter 1 of Josephus, Antiquitates Judaicae.

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