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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Psalter-Hours of Guiluys de Boisleux
France, Arras, after 1246
MS M.730 fol. 66r

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1) David: pacified by Abigail -- Attended by six mounted soldiers, wearing chain mail, armed with lances and shields (some with bucklers), David, in chain mail, armed with cross-inscribed bannered lance, mounted, extends right hand toward Abigail, wearing snood and berbette, raising hands, accompanied by group of male servants, three wearing caps, one holding basket of loaves, two bearing animals on shoulders, one bearing wheat sheaf, and one bearing amphora on shoulders.
Illustration of I Samuel 25:18-20, 23-35.
2) Nabal: Confession of Abigail -- Abigail, wearing snood and berbette, with right hand extended, addresses Nabal, seated on bench, with hands raised, looking at her; building.
Illustration of I Samuel 25:37.
3) Nabal: Death -- Nabal lies beneath shroud on draped bed, before Abigail, wearing snood and berbette, with hands raised, beside three female mourners, one veiled with right hand to face, and two wearing scarves, one raising hands to face. Building with stairway under porch.
Illustration of I Samuel 25:38.
4) David: claiming Abigail -- Beside bench on columnar base and stepped podium, man places right hand around back of David with right hand joining right hand of Abigail with her left hand at waist, lifting (?) fold of garment; altar at left. Scene in architectural setting with red portal.
Illustration of I Samuel 25:41-42.
Scenes with gold diapered and punched backgrounds, within decorated frames.
Subject description below miniature for fol. 66v, 1) David: Saul's Spear taken.
[Continues from fol. 65v]// a le tente le roi et li ote se lance et se coupe a coi i beuoit Dauid. Quant il fu reuenus a ses compagnons en le montaine s'escrie au marescal de l'ost le roi et dist vos gardes mauaiseme// [continues on fol. 66v, below initial D].

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