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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Gospel Book
Italy, San Benedetto Po, between 1075 and 1099
MS M.492 fol. 43r

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1) Christ: Temptation, 2nd -- Christ, scalloped crossed nimbus, stands on top of cross-surmounted building with towers, battlements and closed doors, and holds with His left hand scroll, inscribed SCRIPT(UM) E(ST) N(ON) TE(M)PTABIS D(OMI)N(UM) DEU(M) TUUM Matthew 4:7. He is approached by horned devil, who with his right hand holds scroll, inscribed SI FILI(US) D(E)I ES MITTE TE D(E)ORSU(M) SCRIPT(UM) E(ST) E(NIM) Q(UIA) ANG(E)LIS SUIS MA(N)DA(VIT) (DE) TE (ET) I(N) MA(N)IB(US) SUIS TOLLA(N)T TE NE FORTE OFFENDAS AD LAP(IDEM) from Matthew 4:6.
2) Christ: Temptation, 3rd -- Christ, scalloped crossed nimbus, standing on hillock, and below half-figure of angel, scalloped nimbus, scepter (?) in right hand, emerging from cloud, holds with His left hand scroll, inscribed VADE SATHANAS (SCRIPTUM EST) D(OMINUM) T(UUM) ADORABIS (ET) IL(L)I SOLLI (sic) SERUIES from Matthew 4:10. He is approached by horned devil, his right hand holding scroll inscribed O(MN)IA H(AEC) TIBI DABO SI CADE(N)S ADORAUERIS ME from Matthew 4:9, his left hand pointing toward draped entablature on which are column, goblet, bowl, two candlesticks, bridled horse and lion. To right, devil flees.
Below, initial I, gilded and decorated with foliage, at beginning of Gospel of Mark 1:1.

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