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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Gospel Book
Italy, San Benedetto Po, between 1075 and 1099
MS M.492 fol. 59v

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Zone 1:
Christ: Circumcision -- Mohel, holding upraised notched knife in his right hand, extends his left hand toward Christ Child, scalloped nimbus, with roll in His left hand, held over altar by veiled Virgin Mary. Behind her, female attendant stands with both arms extended. Abbreviated architecture incorporating towers and roof in background.
Zone 2:
Christ: Presentation -- Virgin Mary, scalloped nimbus, veiled, holds Christ Child, scalloped crossed nimbus, above altar. Simeon extends draped hands toward Him. At left, Joseph the Carpenter, scalloped nimbus, stands, holding two doves in draped hands. At right, prophetess Anna, veiled, stands her hands extended. Abbreviated architecture incorporating tower with gallery and possibly a church in background.
Zone 3:
Christ: among Doctors -- Christ, scalloped crossed nimbus, seated on bench with footstool, holds in His right hand scroll inscribed AN NESCIEBATIS Q(UIA) I(N) HIIS Q(UE) PAT(RIS) M(E)Y S(UN)T O(PORTET) ME ESSE based on Luke 2:49. In His left hand he holds open book inscribed SP(IRITUS) D(OMI)NI SUP(ER) ME EUA(N)GELIZARE PAUP(ER)IB(US) MISSIT (sic) ME from Luke 4:18. At left stand Joseph, scalloped nimbus, extending hands, and Virgin Mary, scalloped nimbus, veiled, holding scroll inscribed FILI Q(UI)D FECISTI NOBIS SIC ECCE PATER TUU(S) E(T) EGO DOLENTES Q(UE)REBAM(US) TE from Luke 2:48. At right stand five doctors, two holding rolls.

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