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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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England and France, London, between 1255 and 1260
MS M.524 fol. 10r

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1) Apocalypse: Dragon persecuting Seed of Woman -- Winged red Dragon, with seven heads, six crowned, and ten horns, on rock in water, attacks eight youths, pearled nimbi, five above cloud. Two thrust spears into jaws of two heads of the Dragon. One draws bow. One unsheaths sword. One heaves stones and hold stones in garment. Another holds club. Two support scrolls, one blank. Second scroll inscribed IRATUS EST DRACO IN MULIEREM ET ABIIT FACERE PRELIUM CUM RELIQUIS DE SEMINE EIUS QUI CUSTODIUNT MANDATA DEI ET H(ABE)NT TESTIMONIUM IESU XPI from Revelation 12:17.
Illustration of Revelation 12:17.
2) Apocalypse: Beast from Sea -- John, pearled nimbus, stands, leaning on staff, on shore. Spotted lion-headed Beast, with ten heads and horns, disks, some with pearls, on heads, stands in sea. Tree with perching bird on shore. Two labels of inscriptions. One, ET UIDI DE MARI BESTIAM ASCENDENTEM HABENTEM CAPITA VII ET CORNUA X ET SUPER CORONA EIUS X DIADEMATA ET SUPER CAPITA EIUS NOMEN BLASFEMIE QUIA DICUNT CHRISTUM NON DEUM SED MAGNUM FUISSE based on Revelation 13:1. Second, ET BESTIA QUAM UIDI SIMILIS PARDO ERAT ET PEDES EIUS SICUT URSI ET OS EIUS SICUT OS LEONIS, from Revelation 13:2.
Illustration of Revelation 13:1-2.
Framed illustrations.

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