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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Gospel Book
Italy, San Benedetto Po, between 1075 and 1099
MS M.492 fol. 83v

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Zone 1:
1) Evangelist John, scalloped nimbus, seated, with feet on footstool, holds in lap open book,
inscribed IN PRINCIPIO ERAT UERBUM (ET) UERBU(M) ERAT AP(U)D D(EUM) (ET) DEU(S) ERAT U(ER)B(UM) H(OC) ERAT I(N) P(RI)NCIPIO AP(U)D D(EU)M O(MN)NIA P(ER) IPS(UM) FACTA S(UN)T (ET) SINE IP(S)O FACT(UM) from John 1:1-3. He is accompanied by nimbed symbol on tripod.
2) John Baptist: I am not the Christ -- John Baptist, scalloped nimbus, wearing mantle trimmed with fur, holds scroll, inscribed EGO UOX CLAMA(N)TIS I(N) D(E)SERTO DIRIGITE UIAM D(OMI)NI EGO BAPTIZO I(N) AQ(UA) (...) CORRIGI(AM) CALCIAM(EN)TI EIUS from John 1:23, 26-27. He is approached by group of ten Levites, eight of them tonsured, three wearing stoles, one of whom holding open book, inscribed TU Q(UI)S ES Q(UI)D ERGO ELIAS ES TU (PRO)PH(ETA) ES TU Q(UI)D DICIS DE TE IPSO from John 1:19, John 1:21 and John 1:22.
Zones 2-3:
Christ: Miracle of Cana -- Ten figures are seated behind table on which are two knives, cup, bowl with fish, three bowls with food and four loaves. From left to right the figures read: Virgin Mary, scalloped nimbus, veiled, her right hand pointing at scroll inscribed Q(UI)D M(IHI) E(ST) TIBI ES MULIER NUNDUM (sic) UENIT HORA M(E)A from John 2:4, and held by Christ, scalloped crossed nimbus, raising His left hand; two disciples, each with scalloped nimbus, one possibly Apostle Peter; beardless master of the feast, veiled bride, beardless bridegroom holding knife in left hand, and three male guests.
In front of table are four servants, three holding bowls, one bearded. In foreground are three servants, one bearded, all pouring water, two from jars, one from pitcher, into three of six jars.

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