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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Picture Bible
France, Paris, ca. 1244-1254
MS M.638 fol. 12r

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Zone 1:
1) Ehud: Battle against Moabites -- Soldiers, in mail, two wearing visors and one with helmet, some mounted, in combat. Above to right, in window of building, Ehud, wearing cap, holds dagger in left hand and blows trumpet. Illustration of Judges 3:27-30.
2) Ehud: killing Eglon -- Within building, Ehud, wearing cap, kneels, raising cup in left hand. With right hand, he plunges dagger into entrails of Eglon, crowned, with fleur-de-lis scepter in right hand, falling from throne. Illustration of Judges 3:15-23.
Zone 2:
1) Sisera: Battle against Barak -- Deborah rides sideways, holding reins of dappled horse with harness decorated with bells. With right hand, she directs soldiers including Barak, some wearing visors, one with helmet, all armed with swords, lance, and shield, some mounted. They attack Sisera, crowned, with sword in right hand, and soldiers, all in mail, in chariots drawn by horses with trappings, including stirrups. Illustration of Judges 4:10-16.
Scenes with architectural frames.

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