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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Astrological treatises
Belgium, Bruges, early 15th century, in or before 1403
MS M.785 fol. 17r

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Second Decanus of Virgo in three zones:
1) Sphaera Persica:
Man, inscribed MUSICUS TYMPANUM PROCUTIENS CALAMO AUREO CANENS, wearing hat, with pouch at waist, with drum in right hand and playing shawm held in left hand (Astrological Sign: Musician); man, inscribed PROLICA LINGUA EBEZE UEL FERETI, with joined hands raised (Astrological Sign: unidentified); half-figure of man with bull's head (Minotaur), inscribed HOMO CUI CAPUT TAURI IN MANU EIUS DIMIDIUS HOMO NUDUS, holding half-figure of nude man in raised left hand (Astrological Sign: Hybrid Figure); headless body of raven, inscribed DIMIDIUM CORUI (Constellation: Corvus); tail of serpent, inscribed CAUDA YDRE (Constellation: Hydra); body of lion, inscribed DIMIDIUM LEONIS (Constellation: Leo); mound of earth with small tree (?), inscribed DIMIDIUM FISSORUM LIGNORUM (Astrological Sign: unidentified).
1) Sphaera Indica:
Bearded man, inscribed VIR NIGER HYRSUTUS TRIPLICI PANNO INDICTUS FERENS MANU IN CAUSTUM (sic), holding torch in left hand, beside purse, inscribed MARSUPIUM, and table, inscribed MENSA UBI CAMBIT PECUNIAM SUAM (Astrological Sign: Vir Niger).
3) Sphaera Graeca:
Hindquarters of animal, inscribed CAUDA DRACONIS (Constellation: Draco); hindquarters of bear, inscribed SPINA CUM CAUDA URSE MINORIS (Constellation: Ursa Minor); head and half torso of male (?) figure, inscribed CAPUT UIRGINIS (Constellation: Virgo); head of raven, inscribed CAPUT CORUI (Constellation: Corvus); hindquarters of centaur, inscribed CAUDA CENTAURI (Constellation: Centaurus).

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