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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Astrological treatises
Belgium, Bruges, early 15th century, in or before 1403
MS M.785 fol. 17v

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Third Decanus of Virgo in three zones:
1) Sphaera Persica:
Two-horned man, inscribed MEDIETAS MINORIS TAURI, holding sickle (Astrological Sign: Hybrid Figure); tail of raven, inscribed CAUDA CORUI (Constellation: Corvus); lower half of nude male figure, inscribed MEDIETAS HOMINIS NUDI (Astrological Sign: Vir Nudus); rock with tree; hindquarters of lion, inscribed CAUDA LEONIS (Constellation: Leo); two bulls, inscribed DUO TAURI (Constellation: Taurus ?); knee (?) and ear of corn, inscribed ARISTA (Constellation: Virgo).
2) Sphaera Indica:
Woman, inscribed MULIER MUTA CASTA CANDIDA LINEO INDICTA COGITANS UISITARE TEMPLA, wearing hood, pointing toward temple inscribed TEMPLUM, behind which is bird perched on tree (Astrological Sign: Woman).
3) Sphaera Graeca:
Tail of dragon, inscribed CAUDA DRACONIS (Constellation: Draco); hindquarters of bear, inscribed SPINA CUM CAUDA URSE MINORIS (Constellation: Ursa Minor); headless body of raven, inscribed SPINA CORUI UEL ADDE UUEBA (sic) (Constellation: Corvus); right arm of figure, inscribed HUMERUS UIRGINIS DEXTRA (Constellation: Virgo); wing, inscribed INTERALARES (Constellation: Corvus); hindquarters of centaur, inscribed CLUNIS CENTAURI CUM CAUDA (Constellation: Centaurus).

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