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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Book of Hours
France, Paris, ca. 1485-1490
MS M.231 fol. 137r

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Scene, Liturgical: Extreme Unction -- Man, wearing turban type of headgear, his arms crossed on abdomen, reclines on draped bed with canopy inscribed DILEXI QUONIAM EX[AUDI]. Above bed, angel, holding soul with left arm, stabs winged devil with processional cross held with right hand (Death, Scene: Struggle for Soul). On far side of bed, priest, tonsured, wearing stole inscribed with crosses, raises aspergil with right hand and holds book in left hand. Behind him acolyte, tonsured, holds processional cross with right hand and situla with left hand. In window above, half-figure of God, right hand raised in blessing, holding cross surmounted globe in left hand, appears in arc of Heaven emitting rays. In foreground, woman, arms crossed on breast, sits on floor with open book on her lap. Round backed wooden chair is next to bed.
Vignettes, in sequence (top right to bottom left):
1) Scene, Secular: Burial, Body prepared-- Body is sewn into shroud by woman, wearing veil with wimple, right hand raised holding threaded needle. Scene is in room with canopied, draped bed and rush mat on floor.
2) Scene, Liturgical: Confession -- Priest wearing hood and cross-inscribed stole, raising right hand to face leans head toward man, with joined hands, kneeling next to the priest, inclining his head toward priest. Scene is in church with draped altar with retable and side curtains with illegible inscription.
3) Scene, Liturgical: Funeral Procession -- Four monks, tonsured, carry casket draped with cross inscribed pall, resting on poles. Grave marker is in background.
4) Scene, Liturgical: Burial -- In foreground, man stands in grave holding corpse sewn into cross-inscribed shroud. At side of grave, acolyte, tonsured, holds processional cross with left hand and extends situla toward priest, tonsured, wearing cope, raising aspergil with right hand and holding open book with left hand. Two figures stand behind him, one wearing hood. In background are two graves and grave marker.

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