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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Astrological treatises
Belgium, Bruges, early 15th century, in or before 1403
MS M.785 fol. 24v

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Second Decanus of Sagittarius in three zones:
1) Sphaera Persica:
Hooded man, inscribed CEPHEUS SINISTRA MANU CANIS FAUCES. DEXTRO CAPRICORNI CORNUA PREMENS PEDE, with goat under right foot and holding jaw of dog in left hand (Constellation: Cepheus); rabbit, inscribed LEPUS (Constellation: Lepus); lion's head, inscribed CAPUT LEONIS (Constellation: Leo); hooded man seated in boat, inscribed MEDIETAS NAUIS CUM NAUTA (Constellation: Argo Navis); dolphin's head and dorsal fin, inscribed DIMIDIUM DELPHINIS (Constellation: Delphinus).
2) Sphaera Indica:
Head and forequarters of winged fantastic animal, inscribed MEDIETAS AUSTURCONIS (sic) (Astrological Sign: Asturcon); veiled woman seated on camel, inscribed MULIER CAMELUM SEDENS PILOSA PANNIS INDUTA; castle, inscribed CASTELLUM (Astrological Sign: Woman).
3) Sphaera Graeca:
Bear's shoulder, inscribed PECTUS URSE MINORIS (Constellation: Ursa Minor); leg, inscribed GENU ALCIDE (Constellation: Hercules); standing vulture, inscribed VULTUR UOLANS (Constellation: Aquila); flying vulture, inscribed VULTUR (Constellation: Lyra); half figure of man, inscribed ANGUI TENENTIS CAPUT (sic), holding two serpents in right hand and bow and arrow in left hand (Constellation: Serpentarius).

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