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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
Germany, probably Nuremberg, between 1350 and 1400
MS M.140 fol. 22r

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Left column:
Noah: Nakedness -- Ham, name inscribed HAM, indicates, with his right hand, Noah, name inscribed NOE, reclining, garment open exposing lower half of his body. Ham looks and extends right hand toward cloth held by Shem, name inscribed SEM and Japheth, name inscribed IAPHET, standing behind Noah.
Caption, HAM DERISIT P(AT)REM SUU(M) NOE, is inscribed above miniature.
Right column:
Samson: blinded by Philistines -- Samson stands below trefoil arch decorated with architectural ornament, his arms extended to columns flanking him. Man at each side ties hands of Samson to column with rope.
Caption, PHILISTEI EXCECAU(ERU)NT SA(M)PSONE(M) ET DERISU(N)T EU(M), is inscribed above miniature.

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