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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Almanac and calendar, with thunder prognostications
England, 1433
MS M.941 fol. 2v

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Folio divided into four sections:
1) Zodiac Man -- Nude man with arms extended, surrounded by medallions with labeled illustrations of the signs of the Zodiac, with lines indicating the area of the body governed by each sign.
Beginning at top left: bull, inscribed SOL TAURUS, linked to neck; ram, inscribed SOL ARIES, linked to head; crab, inscribed SOL CANKRO, linked to breast; woman, inscribed SOL UIRGINE, linked to arm; dragon, inscribed SOL HORPIONE, linked to groin; man with bow and arrow, inscribed SOL AGITARIO, linked to thigh; man with two pitchers, inscribed SOL AQUARIO, linked to calf; two fish, inscribed SOL PISCES, linked to feet; sea goat, inscribed SOL CAPRICORUNILS, linked to knee; woman with scales, inscribed SOL LIBRA, linked to stomach; lion, inscribed SOL LEONE, linked to heart; nude figures with shield, inscribed SOL GEMINIS, linked to side.
2) Diagram: Astrological -- Circular diagram, with portrait of Christ, with crossed rayed nimbus, in center medallion. In next band are seven sections labeled SOL, LUNA, MARS, MERCURY, IUBITER, VENUS, and SATURNIS. In next band are seven darts, labeled "a" through "g". In next band are twelve sections each with small illustrations of the signs of the zodiac. The next band has the twelve months, JANUARIUS, FEBRUARIUS, MARCIUS, APRILIS, MAYUS, JUNIUS, JULIUS, AUGUSTIUS, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOUEMBER, DECEMBER. The last band has zig-zag designs in the twelve sections. The diagram is framed by leaf designs in the corners.
3) Chart in three registers below row of Roman numerals.
First register shows twelve phases or shapes of the moon. The other two registers contain twenty-four illustrations of various items. Upper register: glove (?); spade; sickle; bird in nest; flower; unidentified implement; hoe; sickle; unidentified implement; barrel of vegetables; axe; unidentified implement. Lower register: vase; fish; ram; bull; shield; unidentified object; lion; goblet; unidentified object; animal (?); bow and arrow; unidentified object.
4) Four rows, each divided into six compartments. The compartments all contain the name of planet, an illustration, and a letter from a-g. The compartments are repeated with the same configuration in the same order three and half times, with the second half continuing on fol. 3v. The compartments occur in the follow configuration and sequence:
a) Pair of clasped hands, labeled SOL and lettered "a".
b) Dart, labeld LUNA and lettered "b".
c) Swaddled infant, labeled MARS and lettered "c".
d) Three loaves, labeled MERCURIUS and lettered "d".
e) Axe, labeled IUBIER and lettered "e".
f) Hooded figure, labeled VENUS and lettered "f".
g) Ship, labeled SATURNIS and lettered "g".

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