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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Picture Bible
France, Paris, ca. 1244-1254
MS M.638 fol. 21v

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Zone 1:
1) Philistine: Plague of Mice -- Four Philistines lie on threshold of building covered with mice. Illustration of I Samuel 5:6.
2) Ark of Covenant: transferred by Philistines -- To right, six lords of Philistines stand behind two calves; cross-surmounted Ark of Covenant and three vessels containing mice in chest are on wagon drawn by two milch kine (oxen). Among group of Bethshemites including three wearing broad hats, some extend hands toward the Ark, two hold sickles, and one cuts grain with sickle. Illustration of I Samuel 6:10-13.
Zone 2:
Ark of Covenant: at Bethshemesh -- One of five Levites places cross-surmounted Ark of Covenant above three vessels containing mice in chest on stone; tree. One of three Philistines raising hands hold pitchfork, prodding broken and burning wagon on which are two milch kine (oxen). One of two Philistines, wearing caps, holds pitchfork and points above toward cross-surmounted Ark of Covenant and chest containing three vessels and mice, all on stone. Illustration of I Samuel 6:14-15.
Architectural frames.

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