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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Astrological treatises
Belgium, Bruges, early 15th century, in or before 1403
MS M.785 fol. 30r

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Third Decanus of Aquarius in three zones:
1) Sphaera Persica:
Crane-like bird, inscribed ALTRILIS (sic) (Astrological Sign: Grus ?); headless bird, inscribed FINIS AUIS (Constellation: Corvus ?); head and shoulders of woman (?), inscribed MEDIETAS HOMINIS (Astrological Sign: unidentified); body of centaur, inscribed POSTREMITAS CENTAURI (Constellation: Centaurus); saddled horse, inscribed EQUUS TRAHENS (Constellation: Equuleus).
2) Sphaera Indica:
Hybrid man, inscribed VIR ATROX AURE PILOSA (sic), with horse head, holding objects in each hand, standing beside tree inscribed ARBOR beside vessel filled with coins, inscribed VAS PECUNIE (Astrological Sign: Hybrid Figure); head and right half of body of Cepheus, inscribed MEDIETAS CEPHEI CUM CAPITE (Constellation: Cepheus).
3) Sphaera Graeca:
Man, inscribed VIR MAN ARCHAM TENENS, holding model of building in both hands (Astrological Sign: unidentified); Aquarius, inscribed MEDIETAS AQUARII CUM VRNA, with right arm and leg shown, pouring water from urn (Constellation: Aquarius); fish head, inscribed ANTERIOR PARS PISCIS AUSTRALIS (Constellation: Piscis Austrinus).

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