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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Compilatio historiarum / Giovanni, da Udine
Switzerland, Basel, ca. 1476
MS M.158 fol. 28r

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Miniature, upper left: 1) Augustus: Prophecy of Sibyl -- Sibyl, inscribed PUER IST MAIOR, wearing headress, raising right hand and Augustus, inscribed OCTAUIANUS AUGUSTUS, crowned, raising left hand, partly kneeling, each looking up toward Personification of Sun enclosing half-figure of Virgin Mary, crowned, raising left hand and with right hand holding nude Christ Child, cross-nimbed, atop cloudy arc of heaven. Miniature, lower left: 2) Shepherds: Annunciation -- Flying angel, extends left hand to scroll inscribed PUER NOBIS NACTUR (sic) based on Isaiah 09:06 and extends right forefinger toward shepherd, wearing conical hat, raising left hand and with right hand leaning on staff, sitting on rock beside dog. In background, flock of 17 sheep graze on hillock under tree. Miniature, upper right: 3) Christ: Circumcision -- Accompanied by bearded man, holding rosary, Virgin Mary, nimbed, wearing wimpled veil, raises left hand to breast and extends right hand to right hand of nude Christ Child, cross-nimbed, supported on lap of Simeon, wearing high priest’s miter. The Christ Child with his genitals to knife held by man, wearing hat and pouch and knife tied to belt, crouching, before another man, wear headgear, holding dish with right hand and with left hand holding pitcher. Miniature, lower right: 4) Simeon of Jerusalem: Prophecy -- Simeon, wearing soft hat with floral medallion and knife and pouch tied to belt, gesturing toward Virgin Mary, nimbed, wearing wimpled veil, arms crossed on breast, sword piercing breast. Miniatures for Bernhart Richel’s Spiegel der Menschlichen Behältnis (Basel: 1476) with biblical quotes, commentary and abbreviated extracts, written in German, for an extended Chapter 8.

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