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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Astrological treatises
Belgium, Bruges, early 15th century, in or before 1403
MS M.785 fol. 31v

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First Decanus of Pisces in three zones:
1) Sphaera Persica:
Head, forequarters, and wings of Pegasus, inscribed ANTERIOR PARS EQUI CUM ALIS (Constellation: Pegasus); head and torso of fantastic animal, inscribed CAPUT CENTAURI CUM CORNIBUS CERUI IN NARIBUS EIUS COLUBRI GEMINI (sic), with antlers, and two serpents extending from nostrils (Astrological Sign: Cervotaurus); head of crocodile, inscribed CAPUT COCODRILLI (Constellation: Draco); head and claws of scorpion, inscribed CAPUT SCORPIONIS CUM GEMINIS IN ORE COLUBRIS, with two serpents in mouth (Constellation: Scorpio).
2) Sphaera Indica:
Man, inscribed VIR ORNATE UESTITUS HABENS MAN TENACEM FERREAM, with right hand in pocket (?), holding pincers in left hand, standing beside net containing three fish, inscribed PISCES, fire, inscribed IGNIS, and house, inscribed DOMUS (Astrological Sign: unidentified).
3) Sphaera Graeca:
Hindquarters of bear, inscribed POSTREMITAS URSE MINORIS (Constellation: Ursa Minor); arm of Cepheus, inscribed BRACHIUM SINISTRUM CEPHEI (Constellation: Cepheus); forequarters of horse, inscribed VENTER EQUI CUM COLLO SECUNDI (Constellation: Equuleus); fish head, inscribed PRINCIPIUM PISCIS PRIMI (Constellation: Pisces); wooden pitcher, inscribed VRNA (Constellation: Crater)

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