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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
Germany, probably Nuremberg, between 1350 and 1400
MS M.140 fol. 26v

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Left column:
Christ: Crucifixion -- Christ, crossed nimbus, bleeding from wounds, wearing loincloth, is affixed with three nails to cross. He is flanked by two tau crosses to which two thieves, wearing loincloths, bodies covered with sores, are tied, arms over cross bars. Above Dysmas at left is inscription MEM(EN)TO MEI D(OM)I(NE) DU(M) UEN(ER)IS I(N) REGNU(M) TUU(M) (Luke 23:42). Above Gestas at right is inscription SI FILI(US) D(E)I ES SALUU(M) FAC TEM(MET)IP(SUM) (Luke 23:39, variant) Virgin Mary, nimbed and veiled, hands clasped, name inscribed MARIA, and Evangelist John, name inscribed IOH(ANN)ES, nimbed, right hand to face flank the cross.
Right column:
Nebuchadnezzar: Dream II -- Nebuchadnezzar, crowned, reclines, eyes shut on draped bed. Behind the bed, is tree surmounted by pelican piercing her breast in nest with three young. Man stands at foot of the bed holding ax to the tree flanked by animals including stag.
Caption, NABUCHODONOSOR UIDIT ARBORE(M) GRANDEM I(N) SO(M)PNIS, is inscribed above miniature.

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