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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Belgium, Bruges, ca. 1500
MS M.52 fol. 4r

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Historiated border containing cama³aeu figure, medallions, and miniature in lower border frames text.
Top border, in cama³aeu:
Scene, Secular: Festival, May Day -- Procession of men, some carrying branches, and women follow crowned woman with two attendants, one veiled, the other carrying the folds of her skirt. The procession follows man carrying branch, walking toward another man with branch.
To right, same group of figures, including crowned woman, are seated on ground. Man extends branch towards them.
Left border, in cama³aeu:
Four archers attack windmill with bow and arrow.
Right border contains two medallions:
1) Apostle Philip, holding cross-staff in right hand and open book in left hand, stands beside Apostle James Minor, holding staff in right hand and open book in left hand.
Feasts celebrated May 1.
2) Helena, Empress: finding True Cross, and raising Dead Man -- Dead man, partially nude, hands joined, rises from grave beside Judas Cyriacus, kneeling beside two tau crosses. Empress Helena and three men look on.
Invention of the Holy Cross celebrated May 3.
Between medallions, two angels.
Right border, below medallions, in cama³aeu:
Below medallions, two statues of male figures surmount intricately carved, illusionistic architectural niche in which is statue of female figure.
Right border, panel:
Zodiac Sign: Gemini -- Human figure with one head and two bodies, embracing. Below, GEMINI inscribed in cama³aeu
Lower border:
Month, Occupation: May -- Four figures, including helmsman, man playing pipe, and woman playing lute, are in boat decorated with branches in waters surrounding castle. Lion stands in boat beside branch. Flask hangs over edge of boat. Heron stands on shore beside boat. Swans swim on lake.
To left, horsemen, passing building, ride on bridge crossing waters.
In background is landscape with buildings, including windmill.

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