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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Compilatio historiarum / Giovanni, da Udine
Switzerland, Basel, ca. 1476
MS M.158 fol. 38r

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Miniature, upper left: 1) Christ: Crucifixion, nailed to Cross -- Christ, cross-nimbed, crowned with thorns, wearing short loincloth, is affixed with nails to cross; the cross is diagonal to ground. He is surrounded by three men, wearing hats: two at His arms, raise hammers in left and right arms respectively, the one on right with hammer tucked into belt; and one at His feet, places right hand on nail and raises hammer with left hand, hammering nail into feet of the Christ. Scene in landscape. Miniature, lower left: 2) Tubal-cain: Artificer in Brass and Jubal: Father of Music -- Tubal-cain, wearing cap, stands to left of anvil, raising hammer with left hand and with right hand holds, with pincers, bar on the anvil. Another man raises hammer with left hand to right of the anvil. Jubal, stands behind the anvil playing harp. Fireplace partly visible in background. Miniature, upper right: 3) Isaiah: Scene, Martyrdom -- Isaiah, upside-down, is suspended by ankles from beam, supported by two posts, his wrists tied to another beam. He is flanked by two executioners, each holding end of saw, cutting through body of Isaiah. Miniature, lower right: 4) Mesha: Sacrifice of Son -- Mesha, wearing hat, raising scimitar with right hand, extends left hand to head of his son, kneeling, both before crenellated city wall with gate and towers, enclosing buildings. Miniatures for Bernhart Richel’s Spiegel der Menschlichen Behältnis (Basel: 1476) with biblical quotes, commentary and abbreviated extracts, in German, for Chapter 23 in the Speculum Humanae Salvationis.

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