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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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De sphaera
Austria, ca. 1425
MS M.722 fol. 18r

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Geocentric diagram consisting of concentric circles showing orbits of Sun labelled SOL, Moon labelled LUNA, and Earth labelled ERD. The variable paths of the sun, are described by two circles labelled CENTRUM DEFERENTIS and CENTRUM EQUANTIS, and the center of the earth CENTRUM MUNDI.
Diagram enclosed by circle of twelve panels for zodiac symbols, inscribed with names of zodiac signs from clockwise:
1) Seated nude couple, gesturing, inscribed GEMINI.
2) Ox, labelled THAURUS.
3) Ram, labelled ARIES.
4) Pair of fish, heads in opposite direction, labelled PISCES.
5) Man pouring water from jug, labelled AQUARIUS.
6) Horned goat, labelled CAPRICORNUS.
7) Centaur, aiming arrow with bow, labelled SAGITARIUS.
8) Scorpion, labelled SCORPIUS.
9) Scales, labelled LIBRA.
10) Woman, wearing veil, with right hand holding lily, seated on grass labelled VIRGO.
11) Lion, labelled LEO.
12) Lobster-like crab, labelled CANCER.
All symbols against patterned background.

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