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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Hours of Henry VIII
France, Tours, ca. 1500
MS H.8 fol. 4r

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Month, Occupation: July -- Four men reap grain with scythes. Bundle of food and wine cask are on ground. Fifth man, in background, drinks from wine cask. Beyond field is landscape.
Below miniature, historiated border frames calendar.
Left border:
1) Saint, male, nimbed, holds staff in right hand and points with left hand.
2) Saint, male, nimbed, raises right hand.
3)Virgin Mary: Visitation -- Elizabeth, nimbed, wearing headdress, joined hands raised at breasts, stands beside Virgin Mary, nimbed, veiled, hand on abdomen. Feast of Visitation celebrated July 9.
Right border:
1) Margaret of Antioch: emerging from Dragon -- Margaret of Antioch, nimbed, holding cross in joined hands, emerges from belly of dragon. Feast celebrated July 20.
2) Mary Magdalen, nimbed, wearing headdress, holds ointment jar in right hand. Feast celebrated July 22.
3) Christopher of Lycia: carrying Christ Child -- Christopher of Lycia, nimbed, supporting himself with staff, carries on his back the Christ Child, nimbed, raising right hand in blessing, holding globe surmounted by cross. Feast celebrated July 25.
Lower border:
1) Saint, male, nimbed, half-figure, hands clasped at breast.
2) Saint, male, nimbed, half-figure.
3) Zodiac Sign: Leo -- Lion within roundel.
4) Virgin Mary: Infancy, Instruction -- Anna, nimbed, veiled, half-figure, holds open book read by young Virgin Mary, nimbed, half-figure. Feast of Anna celebrated July 22.
5) Apostle James Major, nimbed, half-figure, pilgram's hat over shoulders, holding staff in right hand. Feast celebrated July 25.

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