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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Hours of Henry VIII
France, Tours, ca. 1500
MS H.8 fol. 4v

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Month, Occupation: August -- Man drives oxen pulling cart toward barn in which three men thresh grain with flails. In background beyond waddled fence are two buildings.
Below margins, historiated border frames calendar.
Left border:
1) Apostle Peter, nimbed, holds key in right hand and open book in left hand. Feast of St. Peter in Chains celebrated August 1.
2) Stepen Protomartyr, nimbed, stone on head, holds open book in both hands. Feast for the discovery of his relics celebrated August 3.
3) Virgin Mary: Assumption -- Two angels support Virgin Mary, nimbed, veiled, rising above heads of two figures (apostles?). Feast of the Assumption celebrated August 15.
Right border:
Louis of Toulouse, nimbed, wearing miter and bishop's vestments, holds crozier in right hand. Feast celebrated August 19.
Apostle Bartholomew, nimbed, holds curved knife in right hand. Feast celebrated August 24.
Louis of France, nimbed, crowned, holds staff in right hand and scepter in left hand. Feast celebrated August 25.
Lower border:
1) Saint, male, nimbed, half-figure.
2) Saint, male, nimbed, wearing hat, half-figure.
3) Zodiac Sign: Virgo -- Female figure holds palm leaf in right hand within roundel.
4) Saint, female, nimbed, half-figure, joined hands raised.
5) Saint, female, nimbed, wearing headdress, half-figure, clasps hands at breast.

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