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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Hours of Henry VIII
France, Tours, ca. 1500
MS H.8 fol. 5r

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Month, Occupation: September -- Within barn, man pours grapes from basket carried on his back into barrel. Second man tramples grapes in barrel with his feet and pours some trampled grapes into winepress, at base of which extracted liquid pours from spigot into barrel. To left are four barrels on blocks.
In background, women sit in fields picking grapes from vines. Man with basket on his back looks on.
Below miniature, historiated border frames calendar.
Left border:
1) Giles of Provence, nimbed, wearing bishop's miter and vestments, holds crozier in right hand and pets doe, standing on hind legs, with left hand. Feast celebrated September 1.
2) Anna, nimbed, veiled, holds infant Virgin Mary, nimbed, in both arms. Feast of the Birth of the Virgin celebrated September 8.
3) Tau cross. Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross celebrated September 14.
Right border:
1) Maurice of Agaunum stands before Theban Legion, all wearing armor and holding spears. Feast celebrated September 22.
2) Archangel Michael: transfixing Dragon -- Archangel Michael, nimbed, transfixes dragon with cross-staff. Feast celebrated September 29, but has not been entered on calendar.
Lower border:
1)Apostle Matthias, nimbed, hooded, half-figure. Feast celebrated September 21.
2) Saint, female, possibly Euphemia of Chalcedon, nimbed, veiled, half-figure, hands joined at breast. Feast of Euphemia celebrated September 16.
3) Zodiac Sign: Libra -- Scales within roundel.
4) Cosmas of Cilicia, nimbed, wearing hat, half-figure, holds glass beaker in left hand. Feast celebrated September 27.
5) Damian of Cilicia, nimbed, wearing hat, half-figure, holds jar. Feast celebrated September 27.

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