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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Miscellaneous patristic texts on Saint John Climacus and the Scala paradisi
Italy, Florence, Dec. 4, 1488
MS M.496 fol. 1v

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Medallion inscribed with table of contents, HAEC OPERA CONTINENTVRIN HOC VOLVMINE DIDYMVS ALEXANDRINVS DESPIRITVS ET KYRILLVS ALESA(N)DRINVS DE APOMPEO PROCLVS EP(COPU)S I)N) NATALE DI IOAN(N)IS SCHOLASTICI GRADV, is surrounded by garland of flowers including periwinkle, pinks and lilies (?). All are within frame decorated with floreate ornament including roses, thistles and possibly wheat. Of four medallions on cardinal points of the frame, one is surmounted by stems of wheat and roses entwined through gold ring, and encloses crow, holding gold ring in bill, standing on helmet worn by man, only top of face visible. Medallion is flanked by two sphinx. Medallion on left encloses hourglass; medallion on right encloses steel striking flint with sparks; and on the bottom, wellhead with pulley and bucket in medallion is flanked by merman (?) and mermaid (?). Ring, entwined with stems of flowers including thistle, hangs below this medallion. Objects enclosed in the four smaller medallions are emblems of King Mathias Corvinus.

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