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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Farnese Hours
Italy, Rome, 1546
M.69, fol. 18r

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Justice, as soldier, kisses, and grasps with both hands, right hand of Peace as woman, wearing headdress, grasping his right arm with her left hand. Behind him stand nude youth holding helmet and figure raising sword with right hand and holding bow (?) with left hand. Behind Peace stand partially nude woman holding branch with left hand and raising right hand, and two putti supporting cornucopia.
Scene in landscape with buildings, including circular domed temple surmounted by statue, and body of water with ship.
Two tablets, linked to frame of miniature, and connected in center by cord, are inscribed DEVS IN ADIVTORIVM INTENDE DOMINE AD ADIVVANDVM ME FESTI[NA].
Upper margin:
Border of camaeu including head (mask); panel, in center, enclosing altar before which figure kneels, within frame flanked by two foliate masks; at left, putto behind urn; winged putto extending with right hand fleur-de-lis to third putto behind scroll; at right, putto behind scroll looking toward fleur-de-lis held by winged putto; third putto next to vase with two handles, surmounted by fleur-de-lis.
Left margin:
Border of camaeu including lozenge enclosing one standing male figure, within frame held by raised right hand of back-turned woman; masks.
Right margin:
Border of camaeu including lozenge enclosing two standing men, within frame held by by raised left hand of partially nude woman, one foot standing on base of overturned (?) vase; masks.
Lower margin:
Virgin Mary: Espousal -- In lozenge in center of margin, high priest wearing miter and stole crossed on breast, stands flanked by Joseph the Carpenter and Virgin Mary. High priest touches with right hand, right arm of Joseph. Joseph and Mary clasp right hands in front of the high priest. Six (?) men and women stand in background below canopy (?). All is enclosed by frame with caryatids at uprights.
Border of camaeu including at left, putto behind vase surmounted by fleur-de-lis; unicorn, crouching before back-turned partially nude woman, holding with left hand unicorn's blue collar; putto behind the woman. At right, putto standing behind partially nude female (?) figure, seated, left hand extended to blue tether worn by unicorn crouching before her; putto behind vase, decorated with figures, from which fleurs-de-lis emerge.

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