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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Psalter-Hours of Guiluys de Boisleux
France, Arras, after 1246
MS M.730 fol. 78r

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1) Saul: Battle in Mount Gilboa, Saul: Death, and Saul: Body despoiled -- Israelites and Philistines, in chain mail, some wearing helmets, mounted, armed with lances, two with decorated banners, one cross-inscribed and the other a dragon, swords, axes, bows and arrows, and shields, all fight; some, including one transfixed with lance, fall to ground. In foreground to right, Philistine soldier, seated, with right hand grasps crown and with sword in left hand severs head of Saul, crowned, in chain mail, transfixed in breast with sword, falling.
Illustration of I Samuel 31:1, 4-6, 7-10.
2) David: told of Saul's Death, and David: Punishment of Amalekite -- David lowers right hand toward Amalekite holding Saul's crown, with his head grasped by left hand of soldier, in chain mail, with sword in extended right hand. Scene in architectural setting.
Illustration of II Samuel 1:2-10, 13-16.
3) David: Journey to Hebron -- David, in chain mail, mounted, armed with bannered lance, is accompanied by nine soldiers in chain mail, armed with lances, two with shields (bucklers), approaching city gate of Hebron, one entering through the gate.
Illustration of II Samuel 2:2.
Scenes with gold backgrounds, within decorated frames.
Subject description for fol. 78v, 1) David: proclaimed King.
[Continues from fol. 77v] //nerent et fu enoinsa roi.
Subject description for fol. 78v, 2) Ishbosheth: made King.
Li seconde istore de S dist coument li baron des xi lignies coronent et enongnent a roi Hisboree le fil le roi Saul sur tot le pule.

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