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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Farnese Hours
Italy, Rome, 1546
M.69, fol. 27r

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Adam and Eve: Fall of Man -- Adam, partially back-turned, left hand on tree behind him, extends right hand toward Eve, extending her right hand, holding fruit, toward Adam. She holds another fruit in her left hand. Beside her is the fruit tree, around which is entwined serpent with head of woman (Lilith). They are surrounded by birds and animals including parrot, deer, squirrel (?), rabbit, mouse or rat, and bull
Scene in landscape with trees and stream. At bottom of miniature, two plaques inscribed DEVS IN ADIVTORIVM MEVM INTENDE and DOMINE AD ADIVVANDVM ME FESTINA.
Upper margin:
Eve: Creation -- In center, cameo, God, right arm outstretched, stands before Eve, with joined hands raised, emerging from side of Adam, semi-reclining on ground. Figures flanked by two trees. Cameo enclosed in frame flanked by two figures supporting the uprights.
At left, putto stands at left shoulder of backturned nude man straddling vase, looking toward putto, who with left hand, indicates pitcher decorated with face. At right, putto leaning on pitcher decorated with mask and figures looking toward partially nude backturned man, straddling vase decorated with figures, rests his elbow on cushion, looking toward the putto; winged putto.
Left margin:
Two addorsed satyrs, wearing hats, arms crossed on breasts, as caryatids.
Right margin:
In niche, statue of partially draped back-turned nude man, wearing hat, raising left hand across his body. At base of niche, panel decorated with figure astride dragon or seahorse. Niche flanked by two satyrs, wearing hats, arms crossed on breasts, as caryatids.
Lower margin:
Adam and Eve: Expulsion -- In center, cameo, angel, right arm raised, extends left arm to back of Adam, with joined hands raised, looking back at the angel. Beside Adam, Eve, with joined hands raised looks back at the angel. Tree in background is entwined with serpent. Cameo is enclosed in frame supported by two figures leaning on uprights.
At left, below winged head (mask), backturned putto stands on pedestal decorated with back-turned man, kneeling, arms raised toward winged head (?). Winged putto leans on the pedestal. At right, winged putto seated on cushion, leaning on pedestal, looks toward two winged putti, embracing on the pedestal below winged head (mask). On face of the pedestal, three figures stand around altar on which is fire, one holding censer (?), a fourth figure kneels before the altar (Scene, Sacrificial ?).

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