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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Cuerden psalter
England, Oxford, ca. 1270
MS M.756 fol. 9r

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Zone 1:
1) Apostle James Major, nimbed, as pilgrim, wears hat decorated with three scalloped shells, and garment decorated with shells, carries wallet decorated with shells, holds staff in left hand, and raises right hand;
at right, Lawrence of Rome, nimbed, tonsured, in deacon’s vestments, holds gridiron in right hand and raises left hand.
Figures stand beneath two arches.
2) Giles of Provence: Scene, shielding Doe -- Giles of Provence, tonsured, in monk’s habit, sits on bench, shielding doe standing on hind legs; tree;
at right, Angel, Archangel Michael: transfixing Dragon -- Archangel Michael, nimbed, armed with shield, treads on and with cross-surmounded spear transfixes dragon.
Figures beneath two trefoil arches.
Zone 2:
3) Apostle Bartholomew, nimbed, tonsured, stands, holding book in right hand and flaying knife in left hand;
at right, Stephen Protomartyr: Stoning -- Male executioner, wearing cap, holds basket of stones in left hand and extends stone in lowered right hand, looking at Stephen, nimbed, tonsured, in deacon’s vestment, struck by six stones, kneeling with joined hands raised.
Figures beneath two trefoil arches.
4) George of Cappadocia, wearing chain mail, armed with scabbard at waist, sword in right hand and shield in left hand, stands at right of horse (only forepart visible);
at right, Edmund of England, crowned, stands with three arrows in right hand and left hand raised.
Figures beneath two arches.
Zone 3:
5) Eustace of Rome: Vision I -- Eustace, wearing cap and hooded garment, kneels between horse (only forepart visible) and tree, raising joined hands toward crucifix between horns of stag (only forepart visible).
6) Martin of Tours: dividing Cloak -- Male beggar, wearing short trouses, extends hands toward cloak cut with sword in left hand by Martin of Tours mounted on dappled, saddled horse; two trees.
All six compartments against gold backgrounds within decorated frame.

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