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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Belgium, Liège, ca. 1280s
MS M.183 fol. 12v

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Scenes in four concave hexagons:
1) Christ: Temptation, 2nd -- Christ, cross-nimbed, raises right forefinger toward devil; both stand on roof of cross-surmounted church.
2) Christ: Entry into Jerusalem -- Two nimbed apostles accompany Christ, cross-nimbed, with right hand raised in blessing, mounted on bridled ass treading on garment spread by one of three youths, the same one and another at city gate portal, and the third holding palms atop tree.
3) Christ: Last Supper -- Judas (partly visible) crouches, taking food from draped table, on which are utensils, pitcher, and three bowls, and receiving sop from Christ, cross-nimbed, with Evangelist John resting his head on His breast, both flanked by three apostles, two nimbed, one holding round loaf.
4) Christ: Washing of Feet -- Christ, cross-nimbed, kneels, washing with towel in basin foot of Apostle Peter, with right hand raised to his head, seated beside standing nimbed apostle.
Oval medallion in center:
5) Nimbed angel, standing, plays psaltery.
Half medallions at top and bottom:
6) Hybrid man with human-headed tail, and horned hybrid animal with human-headed tail.
Scenes in six medallions of decorated frame, reading from left to right top to bottom:
7) John Baptist: Beheading -- Salome holds charger, beside male executioner raising sword in right hand and with left hand grasping head of John, nimbed, with joined hand raised, leaning from window of prison.
8) Evangelist, John: boiled in Oil -- One of two male torturers pours oil from ladle on nimbed head of John, nude, with joined hands raised in front, in cauldron above flaming furnace, and the other with bellows fans the flames.
9) Apostle, Peter: Crucifixion -- Two executioners with rope bind Peter, nimbed, tonsured, to cross upside down.
10) Apostle, Paul: Execution -- Nero, crowned, sits on bench, with sword in left hand, directing with right forefinger toward executioner raising sword in right hand and with left hand grasping head of Paul, nimbed, kneeling with joined hands raised.
11) Apostle, Bartholomew: Martyrdom -- Bartholomew, nimbed, partly covered with drapery (?), lying on trestle table, is flayed with knives by three executioners, one wearing apron.
12) Apostle, Andrew: Crucifixion -- Male executioner binds torso of Andrew, nimbed, by rope to cross in horizontal position (lying sideways).
Miniature with incipit on verso, facing text of Psalm one.

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