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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
England, Yorkshire?, ca. 1400
MS M.766 fol. 31v

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Left column:
Christ: Presentation -- Joseph the Carpenter, wearing soft peaked hat, holds, with right hand, container in which are two doves. Next to him, Virgin Mary, nimbed and veiled, extends both hands toward Christ Child, crossed nimbus, raising both hands (right hand in gesture of blessing). He stands on draped altar, held by both hands of Simeon, wearing miter and cope standing to right of the altar. Woman, veiled, stands behind him.
Caption, MARIA OBTULIT FILIUM SUUM DOMINO, is inscribed above scene.
Text reference, LUC(AS) 2, is in upper margin.
Right column:
Ark of Covenant -- The Ark as chest, inscribed ARCHA TESTAMENTI, decorated, with lock on front and rod with four rings, is supported by two short columns with capitals. Branch, divided into three emerges from back of the Ark, and is flanked by vessel inscribed URNA AURA, by book inscribed DEUT(ERO)NOMIS, and by two Tables of Law. The table at left is inscribed with four commandments: NO(N) H(AB)EBIS DEOS ALIENOS, NO(N) ASSUMES N(OMINI) DEI TUI IN UA(NUM), MEMEMTO UT DIEM SABB(AT)I SANCTIFICES, and HONORA PATREM TUUM ET MATREM TUAM. Six commandments are inscribed on the table at right: NO(N) OCCIDES, NO(N) MECHB(ER)IS, NO(N) FURAB(ER)IS, NO(N) FAL(SU)M TESTIMO(NIUM) DICES, NO(N) CONCUPISC[ES] DOM(UM) PROXI(MUM) TUI, and NO(N) DESID(ER)AB(IS) UX(OREM) PROXI(MUM) TUI.
Caption, ARCHA TESTA(MEN)TI SIGNIFICAT MARIAM, is inscribed above scene.
Text references to Exodus and 2 Chronicles (Vulg., 2 Paralipomenon) are in upper margin.

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