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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
England, Yorkshire?, ca. 1400
MS M.766 fol. 33v

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Left column:
Christ: Baptism -- Nude Christ, nimbed, raising right hand in blessing, kneels or crouches in Jordan. At left, foremost of two angels holds garment with both hands. At right, John Baptist, nimbed, wearing garment of skins with animal head hanging at knees, holds pitcher with both hands, pouring water on head of Christ. Above left, head of God, nimbed, appears in cloud edged arc of Heaven, from which rays, inscribed HIC E(ST) FILI(US) ME(US) DIL(E)CTUS IN Q(UO) M(IHI) BEN(E) CONPLAC(UI), inhabited by dove of Holy Ghost descend to head of Christ.
Caption, IHC BAPTIZATUS EST IN IORDANE A IOHANNE, is inscribed above scene.
Text reference, MATH(EUS) TERTIO, is in upper margin.
Right column:
Solomon: Hiram's Laver -- Fountain with center post on which are six spouts, three as human heads or masks; second level with four human heads or masks as spouts; ornament of seven rings (?) decorating front of fountain. All supported (?) by 12 oxen.
Caption, MARE ENEU(M) IN Q(UO) INGRESSURI IN TEMPLUM LAVABANTUR, is inscribed above scene.
Text references, TERTIO REGES 2 and 2 PARALIPOMENON 4, are in upper margin. Third reference not clear.

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