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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Book of Hours
France, Rouen, 1470-1480
MS M.312 fol. 13r

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Miniature, upper left compartment:
Evangelist, John: Scene, on Patmos -- Rays in sky decend toward John, nimbed, seated on ground, holding in his lap scroll inscribed SAINT. He is flanked by his symbol (eagle) and by winged devil, holding stick in left hand. Figures on island of Patmos, in landscape setting.
Miniature, upper right compartment:
Evangelist Matthew, nimbed, sits on bench and holds pen in raised left hand and with right hand touches scroll in his lap, upon which is written SAINT MAT(THIEU). Before him kneels his symbol (angle), with joined hands raised. Behind him is pitcher and table. Figures in vaulted room with three windows, decorated with curtain.
Miniature, lower right compartment:
Evangelist Luke nimbed, kneels on one knee and writes with pen in right hand upon scroll in his lap, SAINT LU(C). Beside him is his symbol (ox), seated on ground. Behind him is table, upon whcih are two books. Figure in room with five windows, decorated with curtain.
Miniature, lower left compartment:
Evangelist Mark, nimbed, sits in chair. He holds pen in his right hand and with his left hand end of scroll, upon which is written, SAINT MAR(C). Beside him is his symbol (lion). Scene in room with five windows, decorated with curtain.
Margin decorated with floreate ornament, including strawberries. The left border is inhabited by two birds. The lower border is inhabited hybrid animal, winged; by woman, wearing headdress, seated, with spindle in raised kleft hand, beside rodent-like animal standing on hind legs, holding fruit in right front paw. Right border is inhabited by man, wearing hat, with falcon on right hand, holding stick in left hand. Above him is hybrid man playing rebec, bird, and hybrid man, wearing hood.

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