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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Picture Bible
France, Paris, ca. 1244-1254
MS M.638 fol. 2v

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Zone 1:
1) Noah: commanded to build Ark -- Noah, with hands raised, looks up at half figure of Christ-Logos, cross-nimbed, emerging from cloud. Illustration of Genesis 6:14-21.
To right, Noah: Building of Ark -- Noah raises axe above carpenter's bench (table on trestles); auger, axe and stool lie on ground; planks lean against prow of wattled ark; trees. Illustration of Genesis 6:22.
2) Noah: in Ark -- Noah, in wattled ark with family, sends out dove which returns at left; animals within the ark; dead horse pecked by raven in water. Illustration of Genesis 8:6-12.
Zone 2:
1) Noah: leaving Ark -- Animals and Noah with his family depart from wattled ark resting on dry land; monkey (ape) on tree; five birds fly, and one bird perches on tree; and stork stands on roof of the ark. Illustration of Genesis 8:18-19.
2) Noah: offering Sacrifice -- Noah and wife hold animals or meat over flaming altar; in front of the altar, youth carries faggots and extends wood toward Noah; to right, youth holds lamb. Above, Christ-Logos, cross-nimbed, holding scroll in left hand, and two flanking nimbed angels emerge from clouds. Illustration of Genesis 8:20-22.
Scenes with architectural frames.

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