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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
England, Yorkshire?, ca. 1400
MS M.766 fol. 46v

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Left column:
Christ: Crucifixion -- Christ, wearing short loincloth, wounds bleeding, is affixed with three nails to cross. Scroll from the right side of His head is inscribed CONSUMATUM EST (John 19:30); from the left side is scroll inscribed PATER IN MAN(US) TUAS COMMENDO SP(IRITU)M MEU(M) (Luke 23:46). Stephaton, wearing hat, pierces His side with spear. Scroll next to Stephaton is inscribed ALIOS SALUOS FE(CI)T SEIP(SU)M NO(N) POTEST SALUU(M) FA(CE)RE (Mark 25:31).
At left are two other men, one wearing fillet holding with right hand scroll inscribed SI FILIUS DEI ES DESCENDE NU(N)C DE CRUCE (Matthew 27:42). To right, two of three men indicate Christ with right hand; each holds scroll inscribed CONFIDIT I(N) DEO LIBERET EUM NUNC UULT (Matthew 27:43) and VAT Q(UI) DESTRUIT TEMPLUM DEI IN T(RIBUS) (Mark 15:29). Third man stands next to scroll inscribed SI REX ISR(AE)L E(ST) DESCENDAT NU(N)C DE CRUCE (Matthew 27:42)
Caption, SYNAGOGA DERISIT CHRISTUM REGEM SUUM ET DEUM, is inscribed above scene.
Right column:
David: despised by Michal -- Michal, crowned, indicating David with right hand, stands in window (?), above crenellated wall, flanked by two towers. Below, David, crowned, is seated, playing harp. Michal, crowned, appearing a second time, stands before David surrounded by scroll inscribed Q(UA)M GLO(RIO)SUS FUIT REX ISR(AE)L HODIE OSTENDAT Q(UA)SI UN(US) DE SCURRIS (II Samuel 6:20). She looks right toward another woman, wearing diadem, arms extended, kneeling.
Caption, MICHOL SUBSANNAT UIRUM SUUM DAUID, is inscribed above scene.
Text reference, SECUNDO REGUM SEXTO (II Samuel 6:21-22), is in upper margin.

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