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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
Germany, probably Nuremberg, between 1350 and 1400
MS M.140 fol. 30v

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Left column:
1) In first of four registers, bust of bearded man is flanked by busts of four beardless men below inscription ISTE E(ST) INFERNUS S(AN)C(T)O(RUM) Q(UI) DICIT(US) LYMB(US) U(E)L SIN(US) ABRAHE. (Limbo )
2) In second register are busts of four men with joined hands looking upward, below inscription ISTE E(ST) I(N)F(ER)NUS PURGANDO(RUM) (UE)L PURGATORIU(M). (Purgatory)
3) In third register, six nude half-figures are below inscription ISTE E(ST) I(N)FERN(US) PU(ER)O(RUM) N(ON) BAPTIZATO(RUM) (UE)L CIRCU(M)CISO(RUM). (Limbo)
4) In fourth register, three heads, two with green worms, one pecked by bird, appear amid flames below inscription ISTE E(ST) INFERN(US) DA(M)PNATO(RUM) (UE)L DYABOLORUM. (Hell)
Right column:
Hebrews Three: Moist Wind in Fiery Furnace -- Three Hebrews, with joined hands, appear amid flames below roof decorated with crockets. Half-figure of angel, inscribed ANGEL(U)S, nimbed, arms extended, hovers above them.
Caption, ANGEL(U)S REF(RI)GERAUIT T(RE)S PU(ER)OS I(N) FORNACE IGNIS, is inscribed above miniature.

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