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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Picture Bible
France, Paris, ca. 1244-1254
MS M.638 fol. 33r

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Zone 1:
1) David: Battle against Philistines -- David, in mail, wearing visor, mounted on heraldic caparisoned horse, holds heraldic shield decorated with rosettes in left hand. With sword in right hand, he cleaves head of mounted Philistine, in mail, with sword in raised right hand and round shield in left hand. Mounted soldiers, in mail, wearing visors and helmets, engage in combat with swords, bannered lances, and shield; some are fallen. Illustration of I Samuel 23:5.
2) David: leaving Keilah -- David, in mail, wearing visor, mounted on heraldic caparisoned horse, leads soldier, in mail, wearing visor, armed with bannered lance and heraldic shield of crescents, mounted on dappled horse. They are followed by mounted soldiers, in mail, one wearing visor and holding heraldic shield of rampant lion, all armed with swords and bannered lances, departing from city gate. Illustration of I Samuel 23:13.
Zone 2:
David: at Engedi (Saul arriving at Sheepcotes) -- Four soldiers, in mail, armed with lances, accompany Saul, crowned, with right hand raised, all mounted, in rocky landscape with trees.
(Saul within the cave) -- In cave, three soldiers attend David, in mail, with sword in right hand cutting vair-lined mantle of Saul, crowned, crouching and lifting his garment, easing nature.
(David displaying Saul's robe) -- David in mail, with spear in right hand, holds up piece of mantle toward Saul, crowned, and soldiers in mail, one armed with sword, all mounted, looking back. Illustration of I Samuel 24:1-15.
Scenes with architectural frames.

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