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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
Germany, probably Nuremberg, between 1350 and 1400
MS M.140 fol. 36r

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Left column:
Christ: Parable, Good Shepherd -- Sheep is astride back of Christ, crossed nimbus, holding front legs of the sheep over His shoulders. Next to Him is scroll inscribed CO(N)GRAT(U)LAMI(NI) M(IHI) Q(UIA) OUE(M) MEA(M) I(N)UE(N)I Q(UE) PERIERAT (Luke 15:06). He is flanked by busts of four angels, nimbed, with joined hands extended.
Caption, XPE OUE(M) INUENTA(M) REP(ER)TAT INDOMU(M) SUA(M), is inscribed above miniature.
Right column:
Elijah: Ascension -- Elijah, name inscribed HELYAS, nimbed, with joined hands raised, looking upward, stands in chariot drawn by two rearing horses. Behind the chariot, Elias, name inscribed HELYSEUS, black nimbus, stands next to scroll inscribed P(ATE)R MI P(ATE)R MI CURR(US) ISR(AE)L ET AURIGA EIUS (2 Kings 2:12). He extends right hand to touch garment of Elijah hanging out of the chariot.
Caption, HELYAS T(RA)NSLAT(US) E(ST) IN P(AR)ADYSUM, is inscribed above miniature.

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