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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Speculum humanae salvationis
Germany, probably Nuremberg, between 1350 and 1400
MS M.140 fol. 37v

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Left column:
Virgin Mary: Consolation -- Within frame, Virgin Mary, nimbed and veiled, head inclined, both hands on left side of face, stands flanked by representations of events in life of Christ including: angel, nimbed and winged, below inscription NAZARETH (suggesting Virgin Mary: Annunciation); heads of ass and ox below inscription BETHLEEM (suggesting Christ: Nativity); leg with foot in basin and goblet below inscription CENAC(U)L(U)M IN I(E)R(USA)L(E)M (suggesting Christ: Washing of Feet and Christ: Last Supper); cross on mound and goblet below inscription LOC(US) CALUARIE (suggesting Christ: Crucifixion); sarcophagus below inscription SEP(U)LCHR(UM) D(O)M(INI) (suggesting Christ: Resurrection); stone with imprint of two feet below inscription MONS OLIUETI (suggesting Christ: Ascension).
Above, head of Christ, crossed nimbus, is flanked by instruments of Passion, including knife next to inscription LOC(US) I(N) Q(UO) CAPT(US) FUIT, sword, spear, (suggesting Christ: in Gethsemane and Christ: Arrest) and scourge, crown of thorns, and column next to inscription P(RAE)TORIU(M) PYLATI (suggesting Christ: Flagellation).
Caption, CO(N)U(ER)SAC(I)O B(EA)TE U(IR)G(IN)IS P(OS)T ASCE(N)SIONE(M), is inscribed above miniature.
Right column:
Tobias: mourned by Mother and Tobias: departing with Raphael -- Wife of Tobit, name inscribed ANNA, veiled, holding staff with right hand, leans head on left hand. Tobit, name inscribed THOBIAS SENIOR, sits before her, head on right hand. Dog is at right. Atop hill at right, Tobias, name inscribed THOBIAS IUNIOR, wearing hat on back walks, his left arm grasped by right hand of Raphael, name inscribed RAPHAHEL, holding staff with left hand, looking back at Tobias.
Caption, ANNA T(UR)BAT(UR) P(ER) ABSENCIA FILII SUI SIC ET MARIA, is inscribed above miniature.

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