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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Belgium, Bruges, ca. 1500
MS M.52 fol. 4v

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Historiated border containing cama³aeu figures, medallions, and miniature in lower border frames calendar.
Top border, in cama³aeu:
Scene, Sports and Games: Stickhorses, and Scene, Sports and Games: Whirligig -- Several figures riding stickhorses and playing with whirligigs, perhaps in mock battle.
Left border, decorated in cama³aeu with vine scrolls and inhabited by male figures, one playing viol and the other playing lute, swans, deer, and rabbits. Contains four medallions and panel:
1) Apostle, Barnabas: Martyrdom -- Two executioners with clubs strike Apostle Barnabas, nimbed, bound to stake with rope around hands and feet. Scene within landscape.
Feast celebrated June 11.
2) John Baptist: Birth -- Within room, angel appears above Zacharias, kneeling, hands joined. To right, midwife extends infant John Baptist, nimbed, swaddled, to Elisabeth, rays as nimbus, reclining in bed.
Feast celebrated June 24.
3) Anthony of Padua: holding Christ Child -- Anthony of Padua, nimbed, wearing Franciscan habit, raises crucifix in right hand, and holds Christ Child, nude, in left arm. Figure within landscape.
3) Apostle, Peter: Crucifixion -- Nero, crowned, holding scepter in right hand, looks on as two executioners bind Apostle Peter, nimbed, to upside-down cross. Three other men look on.
Feast day celebrated June 29.
4) Apostle, Paul: Execution -- Nero, crowned, holding scepter in right hand, looks on as executioner, replacing sword in scabbard, stands above beheaded body of Apostle Paul, lying on ground, his nimbed head on ground to right.
5) Zodiac Sign: Cancer -- Crayfish. Below, CANCER inscribed in cama³aeu letters.
Right border, in cama³aeu:
Statue of female figure, nude, surmounts column within illusionistic architectural niche.
Lower border:
Month, Occupation: June -- Laborer pushes sheep out of sheepcote. Two laborers shear sheep with shears. They are seated on ground beside pond, from which sheep drinks. Ducks swim in pond. In background is shed, housing cart, and inn with heraldic banner displaying lion rampant. Geese gather in courtyard.

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