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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Belgium, Bruges, ca. 1500
MS M.52 fol. 5r

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Historiated border, containing cama³aeu figures, medallions, and miniature in lower border.
Top border, in cama³aeu:
Scene, Sports and Games: Hunting, Butterflies -- Figures hunt butterflies with nets.
Left border, in cama³aeu:
Statue of nude female figure surmounting column within illusionistic architectural niche.
Right border, decorated with figures in cama³aeu, contains four medallions, and panel.
1) Scene, Sports and Games: Jousting -- In cama³aeu, two soldiers on horseback jousting.
2) Virgin Mary: Visitation -- Virgin Mary, rays as nimbus, veiled, and Elizabeth, nimbed, veiled, grasp hands. Figures within landscape.
3) Scene, Battle -- In cama³aeu, wild man, nude, on horseback, raises sword against male figure with shield and sword.
4) Apostles: bidden to preach -- Angel, nimbed, standing amid apostles, grasps hands of Apostles Peter and Paul. Figures within landscape.
Below, two owls flank medallion.
5) Mary Magdalen, nimbed, holding ointment jar in both hands, stands within landscape. In background, Mary Magdalen (shown twice) kneels before Christ (noli me tangere). Beyond, three crosses surmount hill. Buildings of city of Jerusalem visible in distance.
Below, wild man, nude, aims bow and arrow at dragon.
6) Apostle James Major, nimbed, wearing pilgrim's hat, holding staff in right hand and book in left hand, stands on shore beside waters in which Christopher of Lycia, nimbed, supporting himself with staff, carries on his back the Christ Child, nimbed, raising right hand.
Below, two bats flank medallion.
7) Zodiac Sign: Leo -- Lion, within landscape.
Below, LEO inscribed in cama³aeu.
Lower border:
Month, Occupation: July -- Laborers work in field. Two men mow hay with scythes. Woman gathers hay with pitchfork. To left, two yoked horses graze. Behind them, man extends hay on pitchfork toward man on top of haystack. Ladder leans against stack. To right, woman carries basket on her head and flagon toward men. Another woman gathers hay with pitchfork.

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